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South San Francisco (Main Office)

Our conference room is 11 minutes from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), one block from the South San Francisco BART station, and offers free parking.  Please contact our office for availability. 

Re COVID-19:  Our South San Francisco conference room is available for a witness, should they not be able to participate in the remote proceeding from their home. Our office is located at street level, and there is no lobby or atrium. Acrylic partitions, disposable face shields, masks, and hand sanitizers are available. The conference room, bathrooms, and high-contact surface areas would be freshly sanitized prior to their arrival. Only one employee will be present in the office. Depending on the witness’s comfort level, the reporter could be in the conference room with them with social distancing. Any exhibits provided to our office in advance would be printed, assembled in a hygienic manner, and provided to the witness at the beginning of the proceeding. If needed, the exhibits can be sealed individually in labeled envelopes for the witness to open when directed.

1243 Mission Road
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: 650-952-0774
Fax: 650-952-8688

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South San Francisco Conference Room


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